How to Use Square Activities for Preschoolers

If you want to have a tactical approach to teaching your preschooler shapes without losing his interest in five seconds, try sneaking the lessons in through crafts and activities. Building a playhouse, constructing a rainbow city, painting with potatoes and playing in the tub can all add up to be a square learning adventure. Offer some square graham crackers and cheese slices and you’re set.

Rainbow City

Your preschooler can make a rainbow city out of paper. Cut several different sizes of square shapes out of multicolored construction paper. Hand over a glue stick and tell him to make a rainbow city out of the squares. Show him how you can magically transform some of those squares into square people for those square houses simply by using a magic wand or pen, whichever is handy.

Box Playhouse

If you’re looking for something to do with the empty square boxes lying around the house, look no further. Collect several and tape the lids shut. Give the stack of boxes to your child and tell him he can build a playhouse out of squares.

Tape the boxes into place so they don’t fall over on him as he plays inside. Allow your preschooler to decorate the boxes with markers to make his playhouse more exciting. Once he’s played so much in the playhouse that it resembles building remnants after a tornado, recycle the boxes and start anew.

Spud Painting

If you find that you aren’t finishing the whole bag of potatoes, turn those spuds into a painting craft. Slice a few potatoes in half, across the skinny part, so it can fit in your preschooler’s hand. Before handing it over for the spud painting, cut square shapes into the sliced end of the potatoes. Protect your painting surface with newspaper and pour some paints on a paper plate.

Put a paint shirt on your child and let him dip the square shapes into the paint and press the shape onto some paper. This might end up being a messy craft, but you’ll never look at those old spuds the same again.

Rub-A-Dub, Squares in a Tub

You can even fit a lesson on squares into bath time. Cut several sponges into square shapes. Throw them into the bath and hand your preschooler some bathtub crayons.

He can get the sponges wet, stick them to the sides of the bath tub and tell him to trace around them with the tub crayons. Watch as he starts drawing away with a smile on his face. Once he is done and out of the tub, the crayons are designed to wash off of the tub surface.Ableimages/Digital Vision/Getty Images

Author: vijayanand