How to Share Toddler Bible School Activities

You stand around the corner of your tot’s Bible school class and listen to him belt out “Jesus loves me, this I know,” and enjoy his enthusiasm, if not his ability to follow the tune. Toddler attention span is short and it takes various activities keep the kids occupied. You can use the same activities at home for family devotions to make the lesson more memorable or for keeping your tot busy.


Your tot can learn Bible verses and truth in Bible school songs. For example, “Jesus loves me, this I know,” the most well-known children’s hymn on the planet, tells the Gospel story. Tots enjoy songs with hand signals, such as “This Little Light of Mine” or “Arky, Arky.” You can find kid’s praise and worship music at many Christian bookstores that will keep your little one singing lustily as well as making his heart tender towards God.


Bible school allows kids to interact and learn appropriate social skills such as sharing, taking turns and playing together without fighting. Invite a small group of his friends over to hunt for common Christian symbols in a tot scavenger hunt. You call out, “Find a cross” and watch them scurry around looking for one you left on your tot’s bed or toy shelf. You can use kid’s Bible songs for a game of musical chairs or a game of hot potato. They can practice table manners and sharing over snacks.


Tots love crafts and you can come up with some simple ones for your child. Roll a glue stick over a toilet paper roll and add cotton balls, a craft foam head, pipe cleaner tail and construction paper feet to create a lamb for a lesson on the 23rd Psalm or the parable of the lost sheep. He could decorate a craft foam cross with markers, stickers or glitter glue. Glue two craft sticks together in the shape of a cross and let him wind colorful yarn around it. He can put fish-shaped crackers in a net bag to remind him Jesus called his followers to be fishers of men.

Bible Activities

You can help your tot memorize simple Bible verses or Bible truths such as “I serve God” or “Jesus lives in my heart.” These can accompany Bible stories you read to him or kid’s Bible story videos. He can act out familiar Bible stories such as Jesus in the manger at Christmas or Samuel listening when God called him. A bathrobe, long T-shirt or tunic makes an effective biblical costume with a belt and whatever prop fits the story.

Author: vijayanand