How to share sensory development in toddlers

As your little baby grows into a toddler, you will discover just how much she uses her senses. Whether she refuses to eat her peas because of the yucky texture or refuses to wear a shirt because of how it feels, toddlers will let you know! On the other hand, having good sensory development later in her childhood means that she will handle textures, tastes and other sensory stresses well. Help your child develop sensory skills in toddlerhood so that she will have less of a struggle later.

Sound Development

Improve your toddlers sound development by exposing him to different noises and sounds in a safe way. Sound development can simply mean to improve your child’s ability to handle different and common noises he might hear throughout the day, or it could mean to expose your child to more varied sounds that could stimulate brain activity, such as listening to classical music. Start by getting out child-friendly musical instruments he can play with freely, such as rattles, maracas, bells, drums and lap harps. Invite other parents and toddlers over to your house to create a sound development play group where all of the toddlers can have fun playing with the different sounds and noises.

Tactile Development

Tactile development refers to the ability to handle different textures on the skin. Toddlers who seem sensitive to tactile stimulation might fuss about the texture of a T-shirt or might constantly take off their socks. You can use a therapy brush to gently brush your child’s skin once per day to get him used to touch, then practice giving him a daily back massage. These tactile activities help reduce stress and enable your child to handle tactile stimulation more easily.

Sight Development

Life can seem pretty boring if you do not have something interesting to look at. Your toddler can feel the same way. Expose your child to different forms of artwork at a museum or take your child outside to see the natural world as much as possible. These sight development exercises enable your toddler to see different forms, both natural and man-made, and can increase his awareness of color, texture and shape.

Scent Development

Toddlers with poor scent development might only want to eat certain foods, such as macaroni and cheese. You can encourage scent development by playing different scent-themed games with your toddler. For example, create a game of Name That Scent by placing different foods inside of a show box. When your toddler gets used to smelling different foods regularly, it increases his sensory awareness and also might help him try new foods.

Author: vijayanand