How To Share Physical Development of the 3 Year Old Skip

The world through your 3-year-old’s eyes can be an exciting and enthralling place. He’s not a helpless baby anymore and he’s probably capable of performing some amazing tricks that will blow you away. Check out the physical development of the 3-year-old to learn what to expect from your miniature dynamo kid.

Physical Characteristics

The average 3-year-old weighs between 25 and 44 pounds and tops out at between 34 and 43 inches, according to the Iowa State University. Generally, a 3-year-old is thinning out and losing some of that rounded, baby appearance, making her look a little more like an adult. Three-year-old youngsters have all their baby teeth — don’t expect any visits from the tooth fairy for a few more years.

Mighty Gross Motor Skills

Your growing offspring is leaving behind her uncoordinated baby ways. With a seemingly never-ending amount of energy, your 3-year-old can run, jump, skip and climb like a big kid. Throw a big ball to him when he’s ready for it and he’ll probably be able to catch it in his arms. He can also toss it back to you or even kick it without sprawling on his backside. Make a game of hopping and standing on one foot and you should see some wondrous tricks. If your thrilling 3-year-old has practiced, he might be able to pedal a trike.

Impressive Fine Motor Skills

A 3-year-old is beginning to have success with many fine motor skills. This little person can use a fork and spoon and put on her shoes. Instead of grabbing a pencil or crayon in a chubby little fist, your preschooler is now working on holding it in her fingers like you do. She might be able to draw rudimentary shapes and if you look close, you could even see the beginnings of people in her drawings. Give a 3-year-old some modeling clay and she’ll work to roll out a snake. Give her blocks and she might make a block tower seven blocks high. Many 3-year-olds can successfully put together simple puzzles with just a few hints.


The number of skills on your 3-year-old’s list is extensive. Most 3-year-olds are successfully potty trained during the day and many can stay dry all night, too. With just a little help, your preschooler should be able to dress himself. In the bathroom, many 3-year-olds can wash hands and brush teeth with a little supervision and assistance. You might hear your child counting up to three objects and it’s common for 3-year-olds to shout out color names with gusto.

Author: vijayanand