How To Share Physical Benefits of Camping for Toddlers Skip

Busy family life often means not getting your toddler outdoors as much as you would like or allowing her too much time in front of the TV. Camping can be a great way to leave hectic family life behind for a few days and spend some good old fashioned and wholesome fun with your toddler in the fresh air.

Fresh Air

Your toddler will benefit from lungfuls of fresh air during a camping trip. There are few other occasions when she would be outside from breakfast until bedtime; even her nighttime story can be under the stars. The National Wildlife Federation says the average American boy or girl spends just four to seven minutes playing outside each day. Toddlers need to be outside to soak up essential vitamin D from the sun, which they need for their bones to grow properly.


Everyday activities like using the tap or washroom become a workout for your preschooler when you are camping. By the end of the day, he will likely have toddled himself to exhaustion. With all that outdoor space in front of him, and the lack of a couch and television, your little one is encouraged to do more running, jumping and climbing. All these forms of exercise are important for helping his muscles develop, keeping his heart and lungs healthy, and keeping his bones strong.

Learning New Skills

Between the ages of 18 months and 3 years, your toddler is desperate to test out her physical skills: from throwing and jumping to balancing and rolling. A camping environment provides her with a whole new adventure playground to experiment with. She can play simple ball games, roll along the ground, climb a hill, collect sticks, hunt for bugs and help carry some water from the tap. Together you can build a small den in the woods or prepare a campfire and wash the dishes.

Lots of Laughter

Research has shown that laughing increases blood pressure and heart rate, changes breathing and provides a boost to the immune system; all great for your toddler’s health. Taking him out of his usual surroundings and into a stimulating new environment will help boost his happiness levels, and with no work or household chores to keep you busy, he is likely to get much more of your attention than usual. You can have lots of giggles together chasing butterflies, popping bubbles and having a little water fight.

Author: vijayanand