How To Share Mother & Daughter Activities

Spending time with your little girl can help form a bond that lasts a lifetime. You can fall back on traditional girl activities such as shopping or getting a pedicure, but you and your daughter have plenty more ways to spend precious time together. As your daughter grows up, you’ll both cherish these memories.

Cook Together

Spend time in the kitchen whipping up tasty meals, snacks and treats. Your daughter will begin to learn the basics of cooking while also having a good time with mom. Roll out a batch of sugar cookies or bake cupcakes and let your little girl decorate them with frosting and sprinkles. Make a pot of tea and enjoy the treats at a spontaneous tea party. On a cold afternoon, make soup together. Chop the vegetables and let your daughter dump them into a large pot. Ask your child to sprinkle salt, pepper and dried herbs into the soup. Once it’s hot, make a grilled cheese sandwich for each of you and enjoy the meal side-by-side.

Do Some Crafts

Bond over a shared craft project. Gather a few pictures of you with your daughter and make a scrapbook. Attach the pictures to the pages of a photo album and give your little girl stickers and other art supplies to decorate each of the pages. You might also paint picture frames and let your child add sequins, buttons or beads. Buy matching T-shirts, decorate them with fabric pens or puffy paint and then wear the shirts the next time you go out together. Even getting out a coloring book and sitting side-by-side is an enjoyable way to make something together.

Get Away

Take an entire day to do something new or something you don’t get to do often. Load the car with a picnic lunch and take your daughter on a hike. Research outdoor attractions near your home and spend a day wandering through one. Buy tickets to see a play or take in a movie together. Get dressed up and go to a fancy restaurant for dinner. Have a mommy and daughter slumber party. Make your bedroom a girls-only zone. Paint your nails, watch a movie and eat popcorn together. Snuggle up on your bed or spread your sleeping bags out on the floor when you’re ready to slumber.

Take a Class

Find a class at a recreation center or museum that you can attend with your daughter. Learn how to make pottery or try your hand at cake decorating. Take a mommy and me dance class together to burn a few calories and learn some new moves. A mommy and daughter yoga class is another way to get active and try something together. Many craft stores offer one-day classes teaching sewing and craft skills. Many of them are geared toward children and their parents, too. Do an online search or call a store in your area to find something you’ll both enjoy.

Author: vijayanand