How To Share Monsters vs. Aliens Kids Activities Skip

If you’ve got a “Monsters vs. Aliens” fan in your household, keeping this little monster enthusiast occupied with connected movie activities will be an out-of-this-world experience. The characters from the film are larger than life, with lots of bright colors and huge personalities. Kids’ activities about the movie promise to be a major hit.

Blue Slime

One of the main monster characters in the movie, BOB, is a bright blue blob with one center eye. Youngsters might enjoy making their own version of BOB to play with at home. The process is simple enough to complete in a few minutes and then the fun can begin. For every child, you’ll need 1/2 cup of cold water, 1 teaspoon of borax, about four to six drops of blue food coloring and 1/2 cup of standard white glue. Start by dissolving the borax in the cold water, stirring well. Add the food coloring and stir it well again. Pour the glue into the colored mixture, and stir to combine. You’ll see the concoction come together in a globby mixture – feel free to pick it up in your hands and knead it to finish combining the ingredients. Pass it off to your kids and let them have fun pretending it’s BOB. If you have little ones still intent on eating such things, watch carefully to make sure no one consumes BOB.

Monster Masks

Making masks for the central characters of Monsters vs. Aliens might appeal to your youngsters. Help them with a blue BOB mask, which is a blue oval with one big googly eye in the center and a large smiling mouth; an Insectosaurus mask, which is a brown circle with two large white, round eyes, a tiny black nose and a large mouth; a Missing Link mask, with a green tuft on top of the head, two googly eyes and large mouth with lots of white teeth, or a Dr. Cockroach mask, which has two extremely large googly eyes, eyebrows over the eyes and a tiny mouth beneath the eyes. If you need inspiration, pop the movie in again and check out the main characters so you know what they look like. Use colored construction paper, glue, markers and stretchy string to hold the mask in place on your tot.

Homemade Spaceship

Find a big appliance box and get busy transforming it into a spaceship. Don’t worry about making it look just like the spaceship in the movie — use your own imagination to create a spaceship of your own design. Cut windows on the sides of the box. Cover it with aluminum foil for a shiny exterior. Let your preschooler decorate the inside of his spaceship with crayons, markers, paint, construction paper shapes or glitter glue to create just the space travel vehicle he wants. Go ahead and make it comfy in there, too, with pillows and blankets.

Monsters vs. Aliens Printables

Kids often enjoy printable crafts and project ideas. Plenty of websites offer Monsters vs. Aliens printables. Print out posters, stationery, cards, 3-D characters, doorknob hangers and even cootie catchers. With the 3-D characters printed, cut out and constructed, your little one could create a homemade diorama to show any scene from the movie. You’ll need to provide the shoebox and a little guidance with placement of the characters inside the box to ensure a successful project.

Author: vijayanand