How To Set Up Best Desks For Toddlers Study

Setting your toddler up with a desk might seem like something to wait for until he gets to school and has homework. You don’t have to put it off though, because a toddler-size desk and chair is an ideal way to give your little one a safe and fun place to color, paint or draw while you pay the bills or cook dinner, or anytime you just want him to sit still for a few minutes.


Wood is a durable material that works well for a desk that needs to stand up to a bouncy and wild toddler. Once your toddler outgrows it, chances are a younger sibling or friend’s child can still get years of use out of it. One Step Ahead, a company selling baby and children’s gear, advertises the Kids’ Steam Bent Wood desk and chair set, which is low to the ground, holds up to 100 pounds and can convert to a lap desk or side table down the road. Little People’s Cove, a child furniture manufacturer, sells the My First Desk by Alex, which features fun colors, a sturdy wooden chair and desk and storage behind and under the seat.


Plastic is often a more economical choice for a desk than wood is and holds up well to crazy toddlers. Spending less on the desk means it won’t be so painful to get rid of it when your little one outgrows it or it gets broken. Toys R Us advertises the My Very Own Desk and Easel, which features a clip for securing paper in place while your toddler paints or colors, comes in two color combinations and is lightweight enough to move around with ease.

Fancy and Fun

If your toddler has a theme room or is into something specific, say princesses or trains, a fancy desk set will fit right in., which sells children’s furniture, advertises the Princess Activity Desk and Chair, which has a surface for writing and coloring as well as drawers for her trinkets, a mirror to make her feel like a princess and a padded bench chair. Little People’s Cove advertises the Kid’s Train Writing Wooden Table by Teamson, which features a train engine shaped desk and a train car for a chair. The desk set is hand painted and has a bit of storage under the seat.

Table Desks

Some desks are similar to a table and have a chair that pulls up to it. This is ideal for toddlers because they can do art projects at their desk or move it into the family room to eat dinner and watch a movie as a special treat. You can even take them outside for a picnic. Little People’s Cove suggests the Creativity Center Art Table for Kids by Alex Toys, which is brightly colored and comes with two benches instead of just one. The set also has space to store art supplies. Little People’s Cove also suggests the Kids Wooden Art Table & Chair Set, which has a place to store a roll of paper that you can slide across the top for drawing or painting. The set sits low to the ground so your toddler is less likely to get hurt if he falls off his chair.

Author: vijayanand