How To Secure Your Facebook Account

If your correct email and password fail to log you in to Facebook, you may simply be entering them incorrectly. You may have made a mistake while typing, or you have accidentally activated the caps-lock key. But if you’re sure that you are typing your credentials accurately, it’s probably safe to assume that they aren’t the correct email and password any longer. You will have to reset your password to successfully log back in to the site.

Step 1

Open the Facebook homepage and click the link labeled “Forgot your password?” below the Password field.

Step 2

Type your email address into the field labeled “Email, phone or Facebook username,” and click “Search.”

Step 3

Click the option button labeled, “Email me a link to reset my password,” and select “Continue.”

Step 4

Log in to your email account and click the link labeled, “Click here to change your password,” to open Facebook in a new tab.

Step 5

Type a password into the New Password field and type the exact same password in the Confirm Password field.tep 6

Click “Continue” to log in to Facebook.

Author: vijayanand