How to Secure SDHC Card to an iPhone

Secure Digital High Capacity cards are used for storing photos, videos and music and are designed to be inserted into a wide assortment of electronic devices. The Apple iPhone, however, is not one of those devices. The iPhone doesn’t itself have an option to add storage once it’s been purchased, nor does it have the slot required for expanded memory like an SDHC card.

Using a Computer

Many computers today include an SDHC card reader built into the case. Examples include laptops and desktops by Toshiba, Asus, and HP. You can insert the SDHC card into the computer and then copy the stored files onto your desktop. From there, you can use iTunes to transfer the files to your iPhone, either wirelessly or by connecting the iPhone using its USB cable. You can also back up files from the iPhone to your computer using iTunes and then transfer the files you want to move the SDHC card.

Portable Card Readers

If your computer doesn’t have an SDHC card reader built in, you can purchase a standalone card reader that connects directly to your PC, like the SanDisk MobileMate Duo card reader. To use this device, insert the card into the card reader and then plug the card reader into any USB port on your computer. After you transfer the files to your computer, you can use iTunes to transfer them to your iPhone. This model accommodates microSDHC, microSD and Memory Stick Micro memory cards only.


Apple iCloud is an online storage system that allows you to upload photos and other files directly to Apple’s servers over the Internet using a Wi-Fi connection. To use iCloud on an iPhone, you will have to enable it in the iPhone Settings menu. You can then select which files you want uploaded, including photos using Photo Stream. You can then download the files to any other Apple device, or to a PC. To use iCloud on a PC, you will have to download the free iCloud Control Panel from the Apple website. (See Resources for a direct link.)

Emerging Technologies

Manufacturers are always looking for new market potentials, so it should be no surprise that new technologies may soon be available that will allow you to connect an iPhone to an SDHC card. For example, at the time of publication, the iExpander iPhone case is being developed in November 2012 after receiving funding on This case includes an expanded battery, improved camera flash, a 30-pin connector and a microSD card slot that is capable of connecting a 64 GB card to the iPhone.

Author: vijayanand