How Revoke Accidentally Deactivated My Twitter Account

Twitter includes ample account-management options such as the ability to change your password, change your background and set your username. The website also allows you to deactivate the account, which, if you aren’t careful, you might do by accident. If this occurs, don’t fret; Twitter has your back. The website gives you a 30-day grace period in which you can reactivate your disabled account by logging back in to the service.

Step 1

Visit the Twitter log-in page.

Step 2

Enter your deactivated account’s username and password into the respective fields.

Step 3

Click “Sign In.” Twitter reactivates your account.

TipIt may take several minutes for all of your information to fully restore, such as your followers list and full tweeting history.

WarningYour account is only recoverable for 30 days after deactivating it. After that time frame passes, the account is permanently deleted.

Author: vijayanand