How To Revoke Accidentally Blocked Google Chrome

The Windows firewall controls Internet access to and from your computer. Normally, recognized programs, such as Google Chrome, are automatically allowed through the firewall. If you changed the firewall settings, you might have accidentally blocked the browser. When the browser is blocked, all websites accessed through Chrome are blocked as well, so you can’t surf the Web. However, Windows Firewall has a handy exceptions list for allowing programs through the firewall.

Step 1

Press “Ctrl-X” in Windows 8 to pull up the Utilities menu and click “Control Panel.” In Windows 7, click “Start” and select “Control Panel.”

Step 2

Click “System and Security,” then “Windows Firewall.” Click “Allow an App or Feature Through Windows Firewall.”

Step 3

Click “Change Settings” and look for “Google Chrome” or “Chrome” in the list of apps. If there is no such entry, skip the next two steps and continue the procedure.

Step 4

Check the “Private” and “Public” check boxes next to the entry and click “OK” to restore access. If they are already checked or Chrome still can’t connect on a system with confirmed Internet access, continue the procedure.

Step 5

Click the Chrome entry and select “Remove.”

Step 6

Click “Allow Another Program” to bring open another window that contains a list of installed applications.

Step 7

Click “Google Chrome” from the list of apps and click “Add” to add Google Chrome to the list of exceptions. If Google Chrome is not on the list, which could be the case with a portable edition, click “Browse,” locate the Chrome application in the navigational window and double-click it.

Step 8

Check both boxes next to the newly added Google Chrome entry and click “OK” to restore Internet access.

TipIf you’re using a third-party firewall, look for a “Programs” or “Program Permissions” section and locate the Google Chrome entry. Depending on the firewall, you might need to select an “Allow” option to unblock it or add Chrome to the list of allowed programs. For more detailed instructions, consult the software’s instruction manual or support site.

Author: vijayanand