How to Prepare Tartine Recipe for Preschoolers

In France, a tartine typically refers to a open-faced sandwich made with a nice buttered bread — and covered with a tasty, and often complex, spread and other simple toppings. But you can do your own take on tartines, making them as simple or complex as you like — using your kids’ favorite toppings. Little ones will love them for breakfast, lunch, or dinner — and anytime in between!

Cream Cheese and Berry Tartine

Cream cheese and berry tartines are perfect breakfast treats. They’re easy to make — and will likely get the kids asking for seconds. Just mix strawberry or grape jam with cream cheese and spread it on a thick slice of toasted and buttered bread. You can then add some fresh fruit to the tartine — sliced or diced strawberries, blueberries, raspberries or blackberries all work well.

You can also add a pinch of apple pie spice can for an added kick. Or for another twist, instead of using jam, mix the cream cheese with caramel dip — and top it with sliced or diced apples instead of berries.

Peanut Butter and Banana Tartine

When your little one is looking for something to satisfy his sweet tooth, a peanut butter and banana tartine will do the trick. Coat buttered and toasted bread with smooth or crunchy peanut butter — and top with sliced, diced or mashed bananas. For a twist, fry the banana slices with a dash of brown sugar or other spices before adding them to your tartine.

And if you want to make the tartine sweeter still, add a bit of chocolate, strawberry or caramel syrup, along with chocolate sprinkles — it’s a good bet that your kids won’t complain.

Deli-slice Tartine

For a lunchtime treat, you might want to introduce your kids to a deli-slice tartine. Spread a slice of turkey, salami, ham or chicken on thick buttered toast. Cover with pickles and cheese slices. If your kids are fans of ranch dressing or barbecue sauce, work one of them into the mix, too. For a vegetarian twist, replace the deli slices with small mushroom slices.

Pizza Tartines

Pizza is a all-time kids’ favorite — and a pizza tartine is a nice variation. Coat a slice of toasted buttered bread with salsa, spaghetti sauce or pizza sauce. Layer on some sliced or shredded cheese. Toppings like peppers, pepperoni, black olives and diced tomatoes can finish it off.

Author: vijayanand