How Toddlers Make Hand Print Christmas Tree

Your little one seems to grow bigger by the day, and you’d love to capture the moment — if only you could get him to settle down. Around the holidays, making a hand print Christmas tree craft may be the perfect opportunity to spend some time together, while immortalizing his precious hand. If he really enjoys the messiness, you might be able to make a few extras to give out as gifts.

Creating the Tree

Sketch a basic outline for the tree using a pencil so that you have a guide to follow. Paint your child’s hands, then have her make hand prints following the outline. The fingers should point down and you should have her start at the bottom and work her way up so that the fingers overlap with the previous layer.

At the very top of the tree, there should be just one hand print. You’ll probably need to reapply paint after each print, but this is time-consuming, so experiment to see if it’s necessary. If you’re working with more than one child, you can have them alternate rows or hand prints. Just make sure everyone gets a turn.

Decorating the Tree

Allow the tree to dry before you decorate it. The “ornaments” you choose to decorate could be one of many things. If your child is young, you might have him just dip a round object like a cut potato into paint and stamp ornaments on the tree.

Older children may enjoy making paper ornament crafts using glitter, glue, paint and scissors. Family photos mounted on paper ornaments create a more personal look for the craft, and are especially nice if you’re giving the tree as a gift.


Use a non-toxic, washable finger paint for the craft. Even while doing this, remember that little ones might intentionally or inadvertently stick fingers with paint in their mouths, so keep a careful eye on them during the entire process. If you’re creating a large tree on the floor, take care that children don’t step in or slip in the paint.


A hand print Christmas tree craft works fine on paper if you’re simply looking for something to do, but if you want a finished product that looks a bit nicer, consider making it on canvas. This will be something you’ll be proud to display every Christmas.

This is a messy craft project. Before you begin, have wet towels and anything else you might need to clean up nearby. This allows you to easily wipe paint off tiny hands before they start touching everything in the house.

Author: vijayanand