How To Making Preschool Printable on Your Computer

If you home school your preschooler, you know how expensive it can become to buy homeschooling materials. Who can afford to buy preschool printables when you have to spend money on food and a mortgage? Find ways to save money and have your printables too by making them yourself using a standard computer program, scanner and a printer.

Create the Printables on Your Computer

You can make printables by using many basic computer programs, including Paint, Adobe Photoshop and Microsoft Word. With the art programs, you can create pictures featuring basic shapes and simple pictures of animals or people. With the writing program, you can create page-sized letters that your preschooler can color in or trace. When you save the image files on your computer, you can print off as many copies as you want later.

Draw Your Own

You can make preschool printables by using craft materials you might have around the house, such as construction paper and markers. You do not need to have great artistic skills in order to make printables. Simple forms, letters, pictures and numbers will do. Draw the forms to fill the whole page for your children to color in or trace, instead of only using a small area of the paper. Smaller children have a more difficult time maneuvering around more intricate work.

Download Free Printables

Many websites offer free downloadable preschool worksheets that you can save on to your computer. Take advantage of these free resources, especially if you have a precocious child who seems to fly through school work or loves to color in printables. Always check to ensure that you have a reliable virus program on your computer before you begin downloading printables.

Scan and Print

Many parents find that they can save money by sharing materials with other homeschoolers. Borrow worksheets and printables from your homeschooling friends, and scan the pages into your computer. Once you have the pages on your computer, you can print off as many worksheets and printables as you want … for free! Don’t sell any of the scanned pages because they can have copyrights.

Author: vijayanand