How To Making a Toddler Dress a From T-Shirt Skip

Little girls go through clothing so fast it can be hard to keep up with the trips to the store and the clothes shopping bill. Fortunately, an entire wardrobe of adorable little dresses can be found hiding at the back of your closet. With just a basic knowledge of sewing and a little bit of time, she’ll be fashionably dressed in no time without breaking the bank.

Recycle Your T-Shirt

If you’ve got a bunch of old T-shirts in the back of your drawers, why not give them new purpose? You can show your toddler how to be recycling savvy and give her a special new dress she’ll love because it was yours. Of course, you’ll have to make modifications. Start by laying your shirt out flat and placing one of your toddler’s dresses on top. Now you’ve got a template for her new dress. Trace around the dress and cut it out. Now all that’s left is to sew the back and front of the new dress together and voila — it’s done!

A Bit More Cutting

If you were hoping for a sundress to help keep her cool in the summer, it just requires a little extra work. Lay your T-shirt flat and place one of her dresses on top. Trace around the dress but stop just beneath the arms. You’re going to cut a straight line from underarm to underarm here. Cut out the shape, sew the sides of the dress together and then hem the bottom. Now you need to pieces of ribbon, each about 20 inches long. Sew one end of each ribbon to the inside front of the dress. One needs to go near the left side and the other near the right. That’s it! Have your little munchkin try on the dress and tie the ribbons in a bow at the back of her neck.

Transform Her T-shirt

If your toddler is the one with a few too many T-shirts in the back of her drawer, there’s no reason to pack them away just yet. Add a little skirt to the bottom of each one and now you have new dresses for her without outrageous store prices. To start, measure around her little waist and multiply the measurement by 1 1/2 for the width of your skirt fabric. Measure from her waist to her knee — or whatever length you’d like — and add about an inch. Cut a piece of fabric to this length, sew together the sides and give the bottom a tidy hem. All that’s left is to turn the T-shirt and skirt inside out, slide the skirt over the hem of the T-shirt and sew all the way around. Now you have a new T-shirt dress for your toddler.

Embellish It

You’ve transformed those old T-shirts into adorable little dresses, but if it seems something’s missing, you have one more step left. You can turn that plain cotton dress into an outfit fit for a little fashionista with some simple embellishments. Add a row of satin ribbons along the neckline or hemline, iron-on some flashy rhinestones or gemstones, or give the dress some flare with some randomly placed sequins. If the dress isn’t quite perfect yet, add a bit more color with some fabric pens or markers. To top it all off, add an iron-on decal to the front of the back of the dress for a beautiful and inventive creation.References

Author: vijayanand