How Make Superman Themed Birthday Party for Toddlers

When your young toddler or preschool son said he wanted a Superman birthday party, you weren’t surprised. His bed linens, favorite underwear and pajamas are all Superman-themed.

The challenge is to decide what his guests can do that represents the Man of Steel without needing his abilities — some of his friends are so literal minded they might decide they really can fly or jump tall buildings.

Set the Scene

Cover your table with a yellow plastic tablecloth and create Superman’s red “s” on the diamond to adorn the center of your table. Use the emblem on the door, on the cake and on a pinata. Red, yellow and blue streamers and balloons carry out the color scheme, along with yellow plates, red cups and blue napkins.

Your invitations might feature the Superman emblem and invite guests to come dressed as their favorite Justice League superhero to accompany your Superman birthday child.


Challenge your preschool Superman and his Justice League companions to attack card stock (or adult) villains with canned string, water guns or green and red rubber balls of kryptonite. Alternatively, the kids can mix up goop using 2 parts craft glue and 1 part liquid starch with drops of green food coloring to smear on each other (once they are all clad in ponchos –you can make them out of dry cleaner bags.)

Group the children into teams and give each team a pair of black plastic glasses, a dress shirt, a red cape and a cardboard human figure for a Superman relay race. The lead teammates must run to a spot designated as the phone booth to strip off the glasses and shirt and don the cape and grab the cardboard cut out before returning to their teammates and handing off the cape and cut-out.

The next child in line runs back to the phone booth to drop off the cape and cut-out, redress as Clark Kent and race back to the team. The race continues until all team members have completed the relay. For indoor activities, make bingo cards using superhero stickers or hide superhero items for a scavenger hunt.


Your superheroes need a training ground where they can work on their skills. Paint cardboard boxes like buildings for them to jump over, put painter’s tape on the floor for tight ropes they must walk and cover furniture with sheets to create tunnels to crawl through. Have them lay across a swing for flight practice.

A bounce house might also give them a safe location to practice jumping and pretend flying. They can also play “Pin the “s” on Superman” or break your treat-laden pinata. You might play a Superman movie or cartoon for the kids during cake time or a meal.

Guest Supplies

Send your guests home with treat bags they decorate with superhero stickers. You can fill the bag with Superman coloring pages, trading cards, comic books, stickers and other Superman-themed items. Or, you could include a Superman cup full of sweet treats, balloons or any items they found in the scavenger hunt.

Author: vijayanand