How To Make Patriotic Top Hat Crafts for Kids Skip

When you try to teach toddlers and preschoolers about patriotic holidays and celebrations, they might not get it. Instead of talking and reading about what being patriotic means, put together a few fun hands-on crafts related to the theme. Undertaking some crafts related to patriotic top hats can help your child understand the meaning behind the Fourth of July.

Wearable Patriotic Top Hat

If you enjoy going to a Fourth of July parades with your little ones, make whimsical and wearable patriotic hats to wear to the big event. You can either use a blank paper top hat from a craft supply store or you can cut out a large circle and rectangle from poster board, then glue or tape them together to create a top hat. Cover the outside of the top hat with a thin layer of craft glue, then decorate the hat using red, white and blue streamers, metallic stars and American flags.

Patriotic Top Hat Wind Sock

If you live in a windy area, hang up patriotic top hat wind socks that you can make with your children using red, white and blue tissue paper. Cut out a 24-inch wide, 24-inch long rectangle from the three different tissue papers, then glue them all together at one edge. Once dry, cut strips into the rectangles along the opposite edge from the glue to create fringe. Form the rectangle into a cylinder at the glued edge, then staple it into place.  Cut out a 24-inch circle from poster board, and cut out a 12-inch hole in the center. Glue the cylinder onto the circle, covering the hole, and staple it into place. Tape strings onto the edge of the hat brim so you can hang up the patriotic top hat in the breeze.

Glittery Patriotic Top Hat

If you have a child who just loves the glitz, create a glittery patriotic top hat with her that will show off her devotion to her country, but in a girly way. Cover a blank paper top hat with a thin layer of craft glue, then sprinkle red, white and blue glitter over the surface to cover it. Sprinkle the glitter into lines to create stripes, or you can use stencils to create glittery stars.

Patriotic Top Hat Cupcakes

If your family is going to a Fourth of July party or cookout, bring patriotic top hat cupcakes that you can bake with your children. Simply bake standard cupcakes per the directions on your recipe or on the box, and frost the cupcakes using white icing. Cut out  4-inch circles from poster board, which each cupcake will sit on to look like a top hat. Sprinkle the tops of the cupcakes with red, white and blue cake decorations.

Author: vijayanand