How To Make Party Crafts for Toddlers

So, you’re throwing a party for toddlers. You don’t want the children crying or screaming because they do not have anything to keep them occupied. Avoid this toddler party nightmare by getting prepared the right way. Don’t worry about how the cake or decorations look — that doesn’t really matter in a toddler’s mind. Instead, focus on providing a lot of toddler-friendly, fun crafts for the kids to do.

Food Crafts

You have to feed all of the toddlers at the party, so why not turn the food into a fun activity that all of the kids can take part in? For example, set up a station on a low table with pre-baked mini pizza crusts on it. Place small bowls of cheese, mushrooms, sliced tomatoes, spinach and pepperoni next to the crusts for the toddlers to spread out on the pizzas however they like. Once you bake the pizzas, the children can eat them as the main party food.

Paper Crafts

Little kids don’t need over-the-top craft kits in order to have fun at a party. Nope, all they really need is a few everyday paper products and a few basic craft supplies. For example, lay out a handful of brown paper sandwich bags, washable markers, glue sticks and yarn and you have the recipe for a wide variety of hand puppets. Place a rainbow of construction paper on the table, along with child-safe scissors and washable ink stamps, and the little ones will do the rest to create one-of-a-kind works of art.

Wooden Crafts

Do you have extra wooden spoons or clothespins around your house? If you are short on ideas for a great toddler party craft, just use these wooden items as a base for creating little people. For example, you can glue yarn hair on to the bowl of a wooden spoon and draw a face on the back of the spoon to create a whimsical wooden spoon person, or you can glue pieces of fabric around a few wooden clothespins to make a cute wooden dollhouse family. Plus, the toddlers can take their creations with them to play with at home.

Nature Crafts

Say you do not have any craft supplies at home, or even any household supplies that can be turned into craft supplies in order to put together a toddler craft for a party. No problem! All you really need to do is to go outside and look for all of your craft supplies outdoors. Pine cones, pine straw, leaves, flowers and seed pods can all become craft materials for toddlers to construct animals, people and other creations at the party. Place all of the natural supplies into cute wicker baskets to make the nature crafts seem well put together and sweet.