How To Make Paper Mache Easter Projects for Toddlers Skip

A paper mache nest project is an ideal introduction to paper mache for your toddler because it doesn’t have to be neat. Cover a small bowl in plastic wrap and turn it upside-down. Provide your little chick with a bowl of glue and some shredded paper — brown or yellow if you have it. Get her to grab handfuls of shredded paper, dump them into the glue and press them all over the bowl. Pull the newly created nest off the bowl when the paper mache has dried. To make an Easter basket, use the same method but replace the shredded paper with larger strips of paper and use a brush to glue them on one at a time. Paint the basket after it has dried and add a strip of card stock to the rim to create a handle. If you are feeling adventurous, get your toddler to cover a large bowl with paper mache to create her own Easter bonnet. She can decorate it with feathers or flowers when it’s dry.

Giant Easter Egg

Egg decorating projects with toddlers often end with broken shells and tears, so try making your own giant egg to decorate instead. Blow up a balloon and help your toddler cover it with lots of layers of paper strips and glue. Leave a small hole at the end for you to pop the balloon through later. Once the paper mache is dry, let your toddler paint the egg before you pop the balloon. If you want to fill your egg with goodies, or use it as a piñata, simply leave a bigger hole when you are making it.

Bunny or Chick

Help your toddler to cover a balloon in strips of paper and glue, and when it is dry, you can turn it into an Easter bunny or chick. Paint the creation yellow for a chick and glue on feathers or small strips of yellow wool to give it more texture. Use orange card stock to make a triangle beak and feet and yellow card stock for wings. Glue these on with some googly eyes and your chick is fully hatched. Paint your paper mache white for a bunny and glue on bits of white cotton balls to add texture. Glue on white card stock shapes for ears and feet, then add googly eyes, wool for whiskers and a pink pom-pom for a nose.


Use an empty plastic drink bottle to create a vase for Easter flowers. Cut the stem from your bottle and line the edge with masking tape if it is sharp. Add dried flowers, glitter, craft sequins or other small decorations to a bowl of glue. Get your toddler to tear up lots of colored tissue paper — pastel colors work better for the Easter theme. Paste several layers of the tissue paper strips onto the bottle using your decorated glue and leave it to dry. Your vase can be filled with fresh flowers or homemade tissue paper flowers.

Author: vijayanand