How To Make Incremental Learning Approach in Children

When you home school your children, it’s hard to know which style of curriculum you should buy. Some materials use a spiraling method of teaching that presents the lessons repeatedly in a cyclical way, while others use an incremental method that presents the lessons in a sequential manner based on mastery. Using an incremental curriculum might offer your child a more solid foundation on which to build more in-depth knowledge.

Incremental Math

Incremental math presents the basic mathematical principles and functions in a way that requires your child to master certain skills before moving on. This ensures that she can understand enough of the material in order to do more difficult work. For example, when learning about addition, your child will need to master simple, single-digit addition before moving on to double- or triple-digit addition with carrying. Programs that teach math in a cyclical way does not follow this method, which can make your child’s math skills more scattered and weak.

Incremental Reading and Writing

In order to become a good reader and in order to write fluidly, you child will first need to understand the basics of literacy and grammar. This is why you should use an incremental style of teaching your child how to read and write beginning with the most basic lessons about letter names and sounds, then working toward more complicated lessons about letter blends, grammar rules and writing. Mastering the basics in an incremental way will help your child become a better English student later.

Incremental Art

Although art might seem totally free form, in order to become an artist it is important to learn artistic skills that will build upon themselves. Give your child an incremental art curriculum that starts out with basic art concepts, such as how to draw different lines and how to apply color, then gradually progresses in a sequential way until your child understands more complex concepts like shading, perception and balance. Art programs that teach in a haphazard way might produce cute artwork, but will not leave your child with any lasting art skills.

Incremental History and Science

History and science can often feel boring for children, but this is probably because of the way in which it was taught. If your child just hears random facts and dates about topics from year to year, all of the information will seem disjointed and unimportant. However, when children learn about history and science in an incremental way, they can see how one event or innovation leads to other events and innovations

Author: vijayanand