How To Make Importance of a Good Parent-Provider Relationship Skip

Even if your childcare provider is the one who teaches your toddler those cute little songs that he sings every single day (until you feel like you might go nuts), it’s still important that you maintain a good parent-provider relationship with your childcare provider. You both have the same goals in mind: teaching and caring for your toddler and his safety — which is the most important part of your relationship. Without a good parent-provider relationship, your toddler is the one who suffers.

Your Toddler’s Happiness

When you and your childcare provider do not see eye-to-eye or get along very well, your toddler is the one who suffers. Toddlers are smart, and they pick up on your vibes. When you and her childcare provider are at odds, she may feel confused. This could lead to more crying and clingy behavior when you drop her off with her provider, or she might begin to act out or withdraw in this setting. When there aren’t any bad vibes for your toddler to pick up on, she will likely be more excited about being with her provider, learning and behaving in her provider’s care.


A good parent-provider relationship is one where you both feel good about your ability to communicate. Your provider should feel free to come to you and inform you when rates are being raised, when your child is misbehaving or when she suspects that something is bothering your toddler. Additionally, you should feel safe and comfortable discussing your child’s safety, health and concerns you have with his provider. When you communicate well, your toddler is the one who benefits when the two parties in charge of his care work together to ensure his safety and happiness.

Overall Goals

Your parent-provider relationship can help benefit your entire family in many ways. Not only does your toddler feel happy and safe with her provider, you can also help to teach her things more quickly and effectively. For example, when you have a good relationship with her provider, you can ask her to help you with potty training. Your good relationship should pave the way for you to ask your provider to change her own practices from time to time to fit in with the goals that you have for your toddler.

Parental Involvement

When you have a good relationship with your child’s provider, you will be more involved in his life outside of home. A positive relationship with your child’s provider means she is more likely to ask you for help with school activities and functions. For example, your child’s provider is more likely to ask you to help out with the Christmas program or the fall festival when you have a good relationship. This means you will have the opportunity to spend more time with the provider as well as the parents of other children in your toddler’s program. This will allow you to learn more about his life, his friends and his day to day routine, which is always good for child-parent relationships.

Author: vijayanand