How To Make Hummingbird Arts and Crafts for Toddlers

Children become interested in all sorts of objects, but nothing seems more fascinating than a buzzing hummingbird flitting by. Hummingbirds often symbolize the coming of summer, so what better way to bring in the summer season than to provide your preschoolers with a few exciting and creative crafts related to hummingbirds.

Toilet Paper Roll Hummingbird

Create a toilet-paper-roll hummingbird with your preschooler using packaging that you would normally toss into the trash. Paint the outside of a toilet paper roll using tempera or acrylic paint. Use brightly colored paint to resemble an actual hummingbird. Color a coffee filter with washable markers, then spray the colored filter with water until all of the colors blend together to look like a watercolor painting. Let the toilet paper tube and the coffee filter dry completely.

Cut the filter in half with scissors. Cinch one of the filter halves in the center, then tape the cinched section onto the middle of the toilet paper tube for the hummingbird’s wings. Cinch the other half of the coffee filter in the center, then tape it on to one end of the toilet paper tube for the tail. Cut out a beak from construction paper and glue it on to the front of the tube along with two googly eyes.

Hand Print Hummingbird

Show your preschoolers how to create a colorful hummingbird using her own hand print. Place a sheet of heavy-duty drawing paper on to a table, then paint your child’s hands with colorful tempera paint. With her hands splayed out and wrists together, press her hands on to the paper to create the hummingbird’s wings. Allow your child to paint on the body and tail of the hummingbird with a paintbrush. Let the paint dry completely, then draw details onto the hummingbird using markers.

Pom Pom Hummingbird

Make a puffy pom pom hummingbird with your preschooler using muffin cups and glue. Glue together two large pom poms, then let the glue dry for 30 minutes. Glue on two small googly eyes and a piece of construction paper for a beak. Flatten three muffin cups and cinch the edge of each one to create a petal shape. Glue two of the petal shapes on either side of the hummingbird as wings, and the other petal shape to the end of the hummingbird as a tail.

Clothespin Hummingbird
Create a clothespin hummingbird with your child to play with in a dollhouse or puppet show. Paint a knob-topped clothespin using colorful tempera paint, and let it dry. Glue colorful feathers on to the middle and end of the clothespin for the hummingbird’s wings and tail, and two googly eyes on to the end opposite from the tail. Cut out a beak from construction paper, and glue it on to the end with the eyes

Author: vijayanand