How to Make Facebook Pages for Toddlers School Activities

If you want to use Facebook for your company, but don’t want to get involved with Facebook personally, a Facebook business account may be the perfect solution. A Facebook business account gives your company a presence on Facebook’s platform while letting you keep your personal life offline. A business account is free and gives you a Facebook page, access to free analytic tools, and access to Facebook advertising.

Facebook Pages

The primary purpose of a Facebook business account is having a page for your business. These pages are free. You can advertise your company, products and services and interact with anyone who “likes” your page by posting news on the page and replying to anyone who comments on a post. A Facebook page gives you a presence on Facebook, so customers and fans don’t have to leave the Facebook platform to find information about your company.


With a Facebook business account, you can access Facebook’s advertising tools to direct your marketing efforts to anyone using the service. Facebook advertising gives you the ability to target your advertising to people based on a wide range of criteria including age, gender, city and education. Ads include sponsored stories that appear in people’s News Feeds, or pay-per-click ads that appear in the sidebar. Practically any business with the smallest marketing budget can tap into Facebook advertising, getting your company in front of users for as little as a few dollars each day.

Facebook Insights

Facebook provides free analytics tools to help you gauge your page’s popularity and the level of reader interaction with your company’s page. Facebook Insights is available directly from your page, but is only visible to administrators. It tells you how many people have seen your page or mentioned your page, as well as the potential reach your page has had through friends of your fans. You can track your brand’s popularity from week to week or see what regions most of your fans are from.

Business Without Distractions

In terms of business services, all of the features available from a business account can also be accessed from a personal account. While you can’t see private posts on your friends’ profiles, or write comments on their photos, with a business account, this does raise one important advantage — a distraction-free experience. No one can send you chat messages with a business account, or ask you to look at the funny cartoon they found, or send you Farm ville requests while you’re trying to work.

Author: vijayanand