How to Make Easy Fall Crafts for Toddlers

Oh, not again. You arrive to pick-up your 4-year-old from a play date at his friend’s house. You are eager to get him in the car so you can drive home while enjoying the crisp air and fall colors. Before the two of you can get out of there, you’re both stuck taking the grand tour of a gallery’s worth of preschool crafts made by your kid’s friend.

You both admire the intricate artwork, ooh-ing and ahh-ing at the creativity. You wonder… could that kid have really made these things himself? You glance down to see your 4-year-old, gazing accusingly into your eyes. That hurts. You know what those eyes are asking you. “Why don’t I have a bunch of fall crafts on display at home, Mommy?” And you think…”Soon, my little craft-deprived cherub, you will.”

Painted Pumpkin

Is your preschooler ready to fill the home with crafts? Hit the ground running with a porch worthy, painted pumpkin. Don’t mess around with carving and removing gross pumpkin guts and all of that sticky stuff this year. Take the fastest, easiest route from kitchen table to front-porch glory. Give your preschooler his paintbrush, pop open an assortment of acrylic paints and let the magic happen.

Paper Sack Cornucopias

You already have everything you need to give to your 4-year-old to make paper sack cornucopias. Since it’s fall, you’ve got apples and pears, gourds and Indian corn in the kitchen, right, Mom? No? Okay, if you don’t have all, or any of that stuff, just grab some construction paper and cut some fruit and vegetable shapes for your preschooler to color. Use a regular-sized brown paper lunch sack for the cornucopia.

Fold the open-end of the sack a couple of times to make a cuff-type opening. Let your preschooler twist the rest of the bag into the horn of plenty shape. Fill it with the real or paper harvest items. Set it in a prominent place in your house and make everyone who comes over tell your child how fantastic it is. Even the mailman. Everyone.

Paper Chain Garland

The paper chain garland may be the easiest craft known to Mom-kind. But to your 4-year-old, it is a spectacularly long and beautiful piece of art that could ring the Earth if you would just let him keep adding links to the chain. Let your 4-year-old cut strips of brown, red and orange or yellow construction paper. Tape the strips together to interlock each loop with the previous one until your child has created a long fall-colored chain. Hang it where it will be properly admired by all who enter your home.

Fall Masks

Any variety of white paper plate will do for a fall mask craft that’s seriously easy for your 4-year-old. It’s also a craft that relies on your little one’s imagination, so it’s not a store-bought pre-cut-type craft everyone will think you put together for her. Win-win for both of you. All you have to do, Mom, is figure out where the eye holes should be, then cut them out for her. After that, give her glue and autumn-hued markers, craft feathers and glitter.

When her mask is finished and the glue is dry, attach a craft stick to the underside of the mask with tape so she can hold it up to her face. Take it with you next time you go anywhere, so she can show it off.

Author: vijayanand