How To Make Dragon Themed Toddlers Birthday Crafts

How To Make Dragon Themed Toddlers Birthday Crafts

While they might act fierce and breathe fire, some kids still can’t resist a dragon’s appeal. Cute and cuddly or terrifyingly ugly, there is just something about these mythical creatures that is irresistible. If your noble knights and mighty maidens can’t get enough of these scaly monsters, incorporate them into every one of your kiddo’s party activities to thrill the entire crowd.

Balloon Dragon Making

Have the party group make some balloon dragons so they have a special little friend to take home after the party. Start by inflating some inflated squiggly balloons to make the dragon bodies. Cut out some small triangles from colored construction paper to make the dragons’ scales and spikes. Lay out a bowl of googly eyes for the kids to glue to their dragons. If you’re worried that the googly eyes might pose a choking hazard for younger guests, fill the bowl with construction paper circles instead to use as the eyes.

Lay out pipe cleaners for the kids to shape into mouths and party streamers or strips of tissue paper to use as the limbs. Help the kiddos glue all the pieces on their dragons — and then let them add any finishing touches with markers or paint pens.

Sugar Cookie Dragons

There is no better dragon than one you can eat! See if the young party group agrees by making a delicious batch of dragon-shaped sugar cookies for your guests. When you’re ready for the activity, lay out at least two cookies at each place setting at the table. You can make the cookies any size you like, but give each child at least two so they can try out different decorating ideas. Arrange the decorative toppings in bowls down the center of the table, or provide each guest with his own little collection of toppings.

For cookie decorating, consider bowls of frosting or royal icing, which will hold the other topping in place, as well as colored marshmallows, white and milk chocolate chips and colored sugars. When the decorating is done, let the kids dig into their scrumptious treats or wrap them up to send home as party favors.


Let your group of dashing knights and daring maidens prove they’re the ultimate dragon slayers by swinging away at a dragon pinata. However, before you string up this dragon, there’s a little work to do. Turn the pinata into a dragon-themed art activity! Prepare a paper mache dragon form before the party and fill it with candies, dollar-store toys and any other goodies you think the kids will love. During the party, present the group with child-safe glue, squares of different colored tissue paper, construction paper, feathers, glitter and other craft box finds.

Have the the kiddos work together to transform the boring paper mache form into an extravagant, colorful dragon for the big event. When it’s time to start swinging, make sure the area surrounding the dragon is clear of other kids to keep everyone safe.

Dragon Hunt

Instead of a plain and ordinary scavenger hunt, send your party guests on a search for terrifying dragons — or little plastic figurine dragons if you’re fresh out of the real-life monsters. Hide the dragons around the party venue — and then make some picture clues to help guide the kids to all the hiding spots. Or, you can skip the clues and treat the game like an Easter egg hunt; have the kids look for the dragons anywhere they like — and collect them in a basket. When you’re ready to send the kids on their hunt, you can divide them into small groups or let each child search on his own. Help any kids who are struggling, so the game is fun for everyone.

The winner is the child or group who finds the most dragons. Reward the winners with a prize or divvy up the plastic dragons between the entire party group.