How to Make Comfortable Bathrobe for Toddlers

A comfortable bathrobe is a luxury for anyone, young or old. Stepping out of the shower into a soft, snuggly bathrobe is much nicer than wrapping up in a damp towel. Bathrobe choices for toddlers are numerous. Choose a bathrobe pattern that suits your child’s personality or let her go shopping with you so she can show you what she likes.


Your son or daughter may like the simplicity of a solid color. At this age, toddlers gravitate towards what pleases them so don’t be surprised if your daughter wants black or your son wants pink. You may choose a reversible robe with a different color on the inside than on the outside.

Patterns and Designs

Patterns and designs are limitless. Simple classics include checkered, polka dots, stripes, hearts and balloons. You can choose a simple style that has a design or picture just on the pocket or a robe with designs all over it. You may even like a robe with a solid color on the outside and a crazy design inside, peeking out at the color and cuffs. Animal prints in a multitude of colors are another option, as well as royalty-themed robes for the prince or princess in your life.


We all know toddlers love their cartoon characters. Classics like Elmo and the Cookie Monster are emblazoned on their diapers, bandages, T-shirts and sippy cups. Why not buy a bathrobe with your toddler’s favorite character as well? You can choose from the old stand-by’s, like Mickey or Minnie Mouse, or you can choose from a host of current cartoon figures from television networks like Nickelodeon and Disney Playhouse.


There’s nothing wrong with the most classic bathrobe pattern: monogrammed. Monogrammed bathrobes have your child’s initials sewn into the left chest area. Monogramming is usually something you have added to a bathrobe when you order it, as everyone’s initials are different, but you can buy bathrobes that are already monogrammed with standard child names or a single initial that stands for the first or last name.

If you have the monogram added yourself, you’ll have the options of choosing both the color and the font of the lettering. Monogramming looks best on solid colors so that the letters stand out.

Animal Shapes

Still another option is a robe designed to look more like a costume, like one where the hoodie is resembles a shark’s or Teddy bear’s head. These types of bathrobes are ideal for toddlers who enjoy role playing but be forewarned: your toddler may not want to get dressed when her bathrobe is so much fun!

Author: vijayanand