How To Make Candy for a Preschooler Birthday

Only two elements are necessary for a successful birthday when it’s filled with candy: You need plenty of energetic activities planned for your little munchkins and you need to be brave enough to take on a group of rambunctious kids filled with sugar.

Candies and Cookies Together

For a little baker’s birthday party, include a cookie and candy baking activity into the party’s agenda. Start with a simple sugar cookie recipe, roll it out and cut it into shapes for each of the kids. Now, remove the center of each of the cutouts with a knife or a smaller cookie cutter. Place a few bags of hard candies in a double boiler and let the candies melt.

Transfer the cookie shapes to a baking sheet covered in wax paper. Now it’s time to pour the melted candy into the middle of each cookie and bake them in the oven. When the cookies are lightly browned, let them cool completely before the kids dig into these delicious “stained glass” cookies.

Candy Masks

Combine a party activity and a take-home party favor into one with candy-covered masks. The craft starts with a single piece of poster board cut into the shape of a mask. Use a strong glue to attach a wooden craft stick to the bottom of the mask and let it dry. Ensure that everything stays clean as you go because you’ll be adding the candy soon. Lay out bowls of string licorice, gumdrops, candy coated chocolates, sprinkles and marshmallows along with a few bowls of icing. Have the kids attach the tasty treats to the masks with the icing and then let the icing harden before the kids take the masks home.

Lollipop Bouquets

Create a lollipop bouquet to hand out to each of your little guests, or use the bouquet as a party activity for the kids. Start with about 15 lollipops for each little candy-lover and gather the sticks in your hand. Add some leaves, baby’s breath and some silk flowers to the growing bouquet. Hold it all together with a rubber band and then wrap a pretty piece of ribbon around the bouquet to hide the rubber band and complete the treat.

Candy Buffet

You’ll definitely have to remind the kids to brush their teeth after this party!  Instead of a traditional buffet at a kid’s party with chips, vegetable sticks and crackers, a candy buffet is designed entirely from jars of candies. Start by buying 10 to 15 medium-size glass jars and then pick out different types of candies to fill each one. You can have the birthday girl help to decorate the jars with ribbon, sparkles and glue, and then arrange the candy-filled jars on the buffet table.

Create a little label for each one so the kids know what’s in the jars. Once the kids have gotten into the candy jars, include some energetic activities to burn off some of that extra sugar

Author: vijayanand