How to Learn Preschool Literacy Tips for Parents at Home Skip

Reading and writing are exciting for preschool-aged children. When you share your love of reading with your child each day, you are helping her get ready to read. By building early literacy skills with your preschool child, you’ll have her ready to impress friends and family with her reading ability in no time.

Read Books Every Day

Reading every day will foster a love for reading in your developing preschooler. When you read together, cuddle close and enjoy the story together. Visit the library and check out some new books to read together at home. Swap books with friends so your child can share her favorite books and also get to read some new stories. And, because you know she loves it, read her favorite book to your child for what may seem like the millionth time! Your willingness to read with your child will build important literacy skills.

Identify Letters and Words

Letters are everywhere. Point out letters on street signs or cereal boxes. Start with the letters in your child’s name, then move on to others as your child builds her alphabet knowledge. You can also begin pointing out words your child may start to recognize. Help your child read the name of her favorite crackers or color words on her markers. You can even start to ask your preschooler to point out any words she recognizes. Be prepared to read a lot of signs while driving and boxes at the grocery store.

Learn Through Play

Literacy isn’t built just on reading and writing. Important skills for reading and writing are built through play. Fine motor skills needed for writing can be developed while playing with play dough, dumping and pouring sand in the sandbox, and using tongs to pick up small objects in a sensory bin. Word games that include rhyming, using puppets, and making letters out of dough are all creative, playful ways to build pre-reading skills.

Make Literacy Fun

Reading and writing should be fun for you and your preschooler. Go ahead and act silly while reading aloud (you know you can make really good character voices). Interact with your child while reading. Ask her to find items in the illustrations or ask her what her favorite part of the book was. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, act out your favorite part of the book together.

Author: vijayanand