How to Learn Preschool Color Naming Activities

Learning colors seems like a simple task — once your preschooler learns to identify the different hues, he’s well on his way toward learning basic science concepts. Skip the flashcards because they’re boring for both of you. Instead, invite your kiddo to play games, do experiments and get crafty with you. He’ll have so much fun that he won’t realize he’s also learning something.

Color Games

Use sidewalk chalk to draw several large circles in a variety of different colors. Draw a line behind the colored circles and ask your preschooler to stand behind it. Call out a color and have your kiddo jump to that colored circle. Once she’s jumped to the right color, call out another one. Make the game even more challenging, and hilarious, by yelling the colors as fast as your child can jump.

Go on a color hunt as another entertaining way to teach your preschooler her colors. Ask her to find something blue, such as the sky, then something yellow, such as a car. Continue the game with more colors. Grab some paint samples from the hardware store. Lay two of each color face-down and play a color memory game that hones your child’s color recognition skills.

Science Activities

Crack open the food coloring bottles for a quick science lesson that will delight your preschooler, as well as teach him to identify colors. Fill a few small bowls with water and let your child choose a color. Once he’s identified the color, squeeze it into one of the bowls. Add another color and challenge your preschooler to tell you what the new hue is. Another activity is to fill an ice cube tray with water. Squeeze a few drops of various food colorings into each section. Once the cubes are frozen, pop them out and have your child identify the colors. Give him two cubes and let him watch them melt, creating a new color as they do so.

Art Projects

Lay out a selection of colored construction or tissue paper and ask your child to cut them up and make a collage. Have her tell you what colors she’s using as she creates. Or, do some color-mixing with tempera paint — washable, of course. Squirt a few blobs of color on a paper plate and have your child tell you what each one is. Let her go nuts drawing with her fingers, but make sure she’s telling you what colors she’s using. For another project, fill a plastic bag with two colors of paint, seal it tightly and let your child squeeze the bag to see a new color appear.

It’s like magic!Edible Activities

Preschoolers love snacks, and you can use that time to teach colors. Make rainbow plates with fresh fruits and vegetables. Chop red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple produce ahead of time. Give your kiddo a plate and have him arrange the fruits and vegetables to make a rainbow. Quiz him on what colors he’s using as he goes. You could also use food coloring to tint cream cheese. Let your preschooler spread the different colors on graham crackers and then eat his colors. If you’re willing to let your child eat a sweet treat, give him a few candies and let him sort them by color. Ask what each color is before he enjoys his snack.

Author: vijayanand