How to Learn Preschool Activities on Horses

Got a little animal lover in the house? Teach your little guy all about horses with some artful crafts, tasty treats and even a little mother and son field trip. You never know, some preschool-age horse activities to entertain him now may foster a lifelong love of these magnificent creatures.

Up Close & Personal

Plan a visit to a local horse stable or petting zoo to see some horses up close. Find a stable or other horse venue that caters to little visitors and find out what’s involved in the visit. A regular old stable may not object to you and your little guy taking a look from behind the fence, while other venues may let you get up close and personal. Find out if you’ll have the opportunity to feed, pet or groom a horse, or even have a miniature riding lesson. Do a little bit of research before your trip so you can talk about what horses eat, their natural environments and other fascinating facts for your preschooler.

Horse Mask

If your kiddo spends most of her time with her head up in the clouds, how about a horse mask to help with her imaginative play? It’s easy to make the shape for the mask; just draw a large number “8” on a big piece of poster board and cut around the outside of the shape. Now that you’ve got the head, cut out eye holes, add some cut-out ears and let your creative little gal use her markers or paints to add a mouth, nose (and any other details she feels the horse may need). Poke a little hole in each side and tie some elastic thread from one side to the other to complete the mask.

Horse Artwork

If your little guy is an aspiring little artist, how about an afternoon at the activity table for some painting? Lay out a large piece of paper for painting and pour some different color paints in shallow containers. All that’s left now is a few horse-shaped sponges. He can cover the paper with different color horses, or give him some paintbrushes too so he can create a picture to go with the horses as well. When his masterpiece is done and dry, hang it on the fridge or in his room so he can show off his work with pride.

Tasty Barn and Horses

If your little horse lover does her best artwork in the kitchen, why not turn a horse activity into a baking adventure? Start with a batch or two of crisped rice squares and let them cool in the fridge in shallow trays. Pick up a sugar cookie mix at the grocery store on your next trip so the two of you can make some dough together easily. Cut horse shapes with cookie cutters and bake them while you get back to your crisped rice squares. Cut these into five squares so you can make three sides to your barn and a two-piece roof. Hold all the pieces together with icing and decorate the barn with any toppings the two of you like. When the cookies are baked and cool, make them even tastier with icing, sugar, candy or chocolate toppings and then move them into the edible barn.

Author: vijayanand