How to Learn Preschool Activities for the Letters of the Alphabet Skip

If your little munchkin is a glutton for new knowledge, why not start her on an adventure into the world of reading? There’s no need to bore her with flashcards and workbooks–you can teach her all about the alphabet without boring her to tears. Take your little learner on an alphabet journey full of crafts, games and even cookies!

My Alphabet Wall

Teach her about the alphabet while adding to her room’s décor at the same time. Make a large paper cutout of the letter you’re working on and then get ready for some decorating. Let your little learner transform the plain cutout into a little character with googly eyes and paper cutouts of crowns and hats. As you complete each letter, tape it up on her wall for a constant reminder of a job well done. Before long, she’ll have a whole wall full of alphabet friends. Don’t forget about some lowercase buddies too!

Snowman Alphabet Game

Help your little munchkin expand her alphabet know-how with a Snowman Alphabet match-up game. This game takes a little bit of prep time, but it’ll also provide hours of learning fun. Start by cutting out 26 snowman shapes. Next, cut out 26 snowman top hat shapes. Write one uppercase letter in the center of each snowman and one lowercase letter in the center of each top hat. Now, scramble up your snowmen and top hats and help your little learner match up the uppercase snowmen with their lowercase top hats.

Alphabet Caterpillars

Once her alphabet wall is complete, now you can start showing her how to put some of those letters together with her own alphabet caterpillars to add to her wall. For each word you’d like to add to her wall, cut out a circle for the caterpillar’s head. Add eyes, a nose and mouth and two black antennae. Now, all you need is one circle cutout for each letter of the word. For example, to add the name “Megan” to the wall, cut out five circles from construction paper. Write a letter on each circle and have her help glue the caterpillar circles together in the proper order. Voila! Your first caterpillar is complete!

Alphabet Cookies

If you can’t seem to keep his attention, try stimulating some of his other senses to help him learn the alphabet. Those taste buds can be a mighty powerful tool for learning. Take a wander into the kitchen next activity time and introduce your little guy to the alphabet with some cookie making. Once the two of you have prepared a batch of sugar cookie dough, let him cut out shapes with letter-shaped cookie cutters. The activity isn’t over just yet. When the cookies are done, help him identify each letter and then decorate the cookies with icing and other scrumptious toppings.

Author: vijayanand