How to Encourage Toddlers to Make Reptile Gift Ideas

Children start to develop strong interests in the preschool years. Snakes and lizards may squick you out, but reptiles will interest at least one of the boys you know. With kids’ fickle desires, choosing a gift that incorporates a favorite kind of animal is a good way to choose a present the child will love.

Pet Reptile

Is he ready for a real reptile? A pet reptile may seem like the most natural idea for your reptile lover. Taking care of a pet is a good way for boys to learn to take care of others. A snake or lizard isn’t all you’ll need. You’ll  need a tank and things to put in the tank, so costs do add up. Still, it’s a sure way to get him excited. At this young age, suggests easy, beginner reptiles like bearded dragons, leopard geckos or corn snakes. One thing about health and safety, according to KidsHealth, is that pet reptiles can have salmonella, so they’re not as safe in homes that have small babies or others who have compromised immune systems.


Books about reptiles are an ideal way to get a reptile-lover interested in books. A non-fiction book, such as “Smart Kids Reptiles” by Simon Mugford or “Miles and Miles of Reptiles” by Tish Rabe may be right up his alley, or try a fun picture book, like “How to Hide a Crocodile and Other Reptiles” by Ruth Heller or “The Dangerous Snake and Reptile Club” by Daniel San Souci.


Documentaries about reptiles will teach the reptile-lover the basics, and you won’t feel guilty that you’re letting him watch TV. The “Eyewitness” series is meant for young learners, as is “Way Cool Wildlife Vol.1: Totally Reptile/Crazy Creepy Crawlies.” Children can even find series shows that are made for a general audience, like those put out by “Nature” or “National Geographic” to be absolutely fascinating. Alternatively, point him in the direction of, which hosts free videos about reptiles.


Leaping lizards on his jammies? Clothing styles vary from year to year, but reptiles are popular in this age bracket, so you’re likely to find clothing that features his favorite reptiles.. Shirts and sweatshirts are frequent favorites, but you may also be able to find reptile-themed socks, shoes or underwear. Pay attention to the sizing charts because a 3T isn’t necessarily the right size for a 3-year-old. It’s based on height. Hungry babies who gain weight quickly might wear a 3T size when they’re 18 months old, and continue to wear that size for a year or so. Five-year old boys might wear size 6, for example.

Reptile Show

Hire a snake guy! Entertainers who offer a “reptile experience” are available for parties, in many cities. The snake or reptile guy will come to your home and will set up areas that feature different types of reptiles. He will allow the kids to touch and interact with the animals — all under his watchful eye. The reptiles vary, based on the company and on your wishes. Most will have some “tame” reptiles, like lizards or turtles for kids who might be a bit scared. However, the entertainer will also bring at least one impressive animal as well, like a boa constrictor or a small alligator, with its jaws taped shut. If your city has one of these companies, this can be a very worthwhile gift.

Author: vijayanand