How To Create Mother’s Day Crafts Using Candy Skip

Surprise mom with unique, handmade gifts on Mother’s Day that she can enjoy long after the day is done. A craft and tasty treat in one — gift giving doesn’t get any better! These gifts are inexpensive to make and they give your child an opportunity to show off her creative side, while working on fine motor skills and pattern making, too.

Candy Bouquets

Help your youngster create a bouquet unlike any other for Mother’s Day. This candy bouquet begins with a small planter, decorated with paint, markers or stickers for an extra personal touch. It’s then topped with a polystyrene foam sphere and filled with a plethora of individually-wrapped lollipops. You can add tissue paper leaves in between the lollipop flowers, or add a few silk flowers for a splash of color to the bouquet. If lollipops aren’t mom’s favorite treat, fill the bouquet with a different goodie, such as stained glass cookies, made from sugar cookie dough shapes with center cutouts that are filled with melted hard candies. Slide a lollipop stick into each cookie and bake.

Medicine Candy

Help mom relieve some stress with a customized prescription of candy. Start with an empty metal tin with a pull-tab top and use a can opener to open about 80 percent of the bottom. Cover the tin with construction paper, wrapping paper or non-toxic paint and then fill it about 90 percent full with Mom’s favorite candies when it dries. Top the treats with some tissue paper and then reattach the bottom with a little bit of hot glue. Add a ribbon bow to the pull tab on the top, and glue a little card stock message on the front, such as “Find a quiet room and consume contents to relieve stress.” You can make a similar craft from an empty plastic container or soda pop bottle if you’re worried about your child’s hands near the tin.

Candy Jewelry

No woman’s jewelry collection is complete without a few pieces made from the highest quality candy — or any candy your youngster can find. Make a candy necklace from a length of ribbon and hard or gummy ring-shaped candies. You can encourage your child to practice pattern making with different colors or encourage her creativity to design the most unique candy jewelry yet. If a single candy necklace isn’t quite enough to quench Mom’s candy appetite, make a candy bracelet, too. You can make the bracelet from ribbon and candy loops, or replace the ribbon with a chenille stick and see if your child can twist the ends together on her own. Supervise this activity at all times to ensure she doesn’t eat one of the candies while putting together the gift.

Candy Home Décor

Present mom with a homemade candy wreath, made from a polystyrene foam ring of any size and decorated with gumdrops, gummy animals or any other soft candy. Add real satin bows to embellish the wreath or make them by tying licorice strings into bows. You can use toothpicks to hold the candies in place so mom can pick them off one at a time, or make a candy gift for her to cherish by gluing the candies onto the wreath instead. You can make candy ornaments in a similar way; start with a polystyrene shape and use toothpicks or glue to attach the candies to the shape. Attach a loop of ribbon to the top to complete the ornament.

Author: vijayanand