How To Buy The Best Teething Bibs For Toddlers

Teething babies are drooling machines. Babies have to suffer enough with the pain that they experience when a little tooth pushes its way through sensitive gums, they shouldn’t have to to deal with constant wet shirts that are covered in their own saliva. Not all bibs can keep up with the steady stream of spit that usually accompanies teething. You can help your baby be more comfortable and less cranky by buying a teething bib that will keep him dry. Some bibs are even created to soothe sore gums as well.

Use Extra-thick Bibs

A single-layer cloth bib might get the job done at feeding time but will not protect a baby’s clothes and skin when he is teething. He will wet through his bib faster than he will soak his diaper and who wants to be soggy on top and on bottom? You can save your baby a lot of discomfort and yourself an extra load of laundry by buying bibs that are thick and have multiple layers. Green Sprouts makes a teething bib with an extra absorbent inner layer that protects clothes and skin and has received positive reviews by parents on

Look for Bibs with a Plastic Liner

If you are looking for cute fabric bib to coordinate with your little one’s outfit but do not want the bulk of a thicker bib, a fabric bib with a plastic liner might be a better option for you. The fabric outside looks cute and absorbs spit, but the plastic liner prevents the wetness from soaking through to a baby’s clothes and skin.

Try All-plastic Bibs With Pockets

Plastic bibs with pockets have two functions. The plastic prevents drool from soaking through to a child’s clothes and skin and the pocket catches both drool and food before it ends up on your baby, you, or the floor. It might seem a little gross to have your baby with a pocket full of spit around his neck, but the clean up is so much easier that it would be with a fabric bib. All you have to do is empty the lake of drool into the sink, wipe down the big with warm, soapy washcloth and set it aside to dry.

Find a Bib with a Teething Toy Attached

The ideal teething bib is one that prevents babies from sitting in a spit bath and gives them something to gnaw on. When a baby is teething, anything within reach is bound to go right into his mouth. He’s seeking comfort and he is too little to know that Daddy’s stinky leather slipper or a germ-ridden remote control is not a good teething toy. An applique teething bib with a teething toy on the bottom corner gets good reviews by parents on Amazon for its ability to collect drool and make a baby’s gums feel better.

Author: vijayanand