How to Arrange Summertime Prayers for Preschoolers

Your little one might say, “Thank you, God, for everything you made. I love the way you made summer.“ Summer can include many opportunities for your little one to grow in faith, including learning to pray. Vacation Bible school incorporates prayer into the activities and might include prayers your toddler or preschooler want to share with you.

Your child might motivate you to pray more often, setting an example he can talk about in class.

Family Prayers

When teaching your child to pray for family, you might say, “Praying is talking to God. When you pray for Mommy and Daddy, just talk to God like you talk to me and Daddy.” She can pray, “Thanks, God, for Mommy and Daddy. I love them so much.

They love me. This summer we are having fun doing things together.” Your child might ask God to bless you with energy to play in the park, go on vacation or swim in the pool.

Thanksgiving Prayers

Thanksgiving prayers are appropriate any time of the year. In the summer, your child might say, “Thank you, God, for the warm summer air, animals that run up and down the trees, water for swimming and time to play in the sun.” He might thank God for vacation Bible school, summer camp activities and other fun things he does during the summer.

Remind him, “Thank God for your teachers, friends and helpers who make your summertime exciting and busy.”

Assistance Prayers

Your child can ask God to help her grow strong and healthy, to learn to behave as God commands, or to give her the strength to do something she finds difficult. You can explain, “Jesus said you would receive what you believe God will send, so you can ask God for help when you need it.”

Your child might pray, “Help me learn my Bible verses,” or “Give me what I need to be your servant.” When she understands that she can talk to her friends about loving God, she might pray, “Help me talk to my friends about you, so they will want to be your children, too.”

Summer Holiday Prayers

Summer is bound by two national holidays and contains one in the middle. Suggest your child pray for his country on July 4, praying, “God bless our country and our leaders. Give them wisdom to lead our country for you.” On Memorial Day, he might pray, “Thank you, God, for those who defend our country, like Uncle Mark and Grandpa did.

Keep them safe.” On Labor Day, his prayer might include those who work to help others such as police officers, firefighters, doctors, nurses and teachers. He might say, “Thank you God for all those who work to make life better. Help me remember to tell them thanks and treat everyone who works with respect.”

Author: vijayanand