How to Arrange Stacking Games for Toddlers

Kidlets knocking over a pile of blocks is such a classic parenting image. That’s because all kids love to stack.

They’ll stack anything just to watch it fall. It’s part of fine-motor development for toddlers and you can encourage it by creating stacking games. Of course, no matter how you stack it, the best part of the game is knocking it all down.


Stacking cups is a classic and it’s as much a challenge for the grown-ups as it is for toddlers. While you might test your fine-motor skills at, say, a pub, toddlers are constantly testing their fine motor skills. Stacking cups can be as simple or as complex as you make it.

Set three plastic cups upside down on the floor and set two cups in the middle. A third on top completes the triangle. Knock the stack down and let your toddler have at it. You might be surprised what he can build.


Every child seems to have at least one set of blocks. It doesn’t matter if they are foam, plastic or wood. They can have numbers, be plain or colored. No matter what they look like, they are excellent for making towers. You can help your child stack the blocks until they look like the Leaning Tower of Pisa. As soon as they tumble, it’s time to start over.

Toddlers like this part and tend to encourage the tumbling. Blocks are fantastic because you can stack them so many different ways. They are just waiting to become forts or towers.

Graduated Toys

A lot of nesting toys are available for toddlers these days. They come in graduated sizes and are easier to stack. You could even get them as a first stacking toy because it is so easy to fit them together.

Nesting toys usually only fit together one way, but they can be combined with other toys for further stacking. One of the wonderful aspects about them is that they fit inside each other for storage. Even though that saves only a few inches of space, it means a lot in most toy bins.

Specialized Toys

If your toddler is a little more advanced at stacking, he might like Jenga. This classic party game has been redesigned for kids so you can find giant Jenga, colored Jenga and Jenga pieces that look like caterpillars. This makes it more suitable for toddlers, especially the giant Jenga.

Author: vijayanand