How To Arrange Programs to Help Toddler Learn Better

While an early educational program might not ensure that your preschooler is Harvard bound, it can help her to learn better. Whether you are looking to build on a specific interest such as your mini Monet’s adoration of art or are in need of a general school-type environment, an array of programs are available for children not quite old enough to attend regular school.

Extra-curricular classes

Even if your preschooler or toddler isn’t ready to join the ranks of the high school sports team, she may enjoy an extra-curricular activity. These include classes in the arts, youth league athletics or other areas that don’t necessarily fit under the traditional athletic umbrella.

For example, The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York City offers a class for pint-sized Picassos ages 4 through 6 to help young children learn about the artistic process.


Help your little learner to brush up on the essential basics such as math and literacy through tutoring programs. Private tutoring centers such as Kumon and Sylvan offer early childhood programs to help kids who are below school age boost their academic abilities.

For example, Sylvan has a specialized pre-K reading enrichment program for kids as young as 4 1/2- years-old. This learning program helps young children to learn essential literacy skills such as the alphabet and relating pictures to the stories in books.


A formal preschool program may look like day care, but in its very essence it differs greatly. While day cares are all about the care aspect — keeping kids comfortable and busy while their moms and dads are at work — preschool traditionally focuses more on learning and academics.

That said, many preschool programs don’t operate on a full day or full week schedule. While a day or child care center certainly includes a learning component, the day also includes extra activities such as meals or nap time. Expect your child to learn a variety of content during her preschool years such as basic math, literacy, science, social studies and even gross motor or physical skills.

Finding Programs

Where are programs that can help your child to learn located? Simply said — in many different places. You can find art programs at museums, art centers or even schools. Find preschool programs in the most obvious of places — a preschool — or at churches, community centers or elementary schools.

If you are looking for a program that meets specific criteria, such as one with a national accreditation, look to an early childhood organization such as the National Association for the Education of Young Children for a list of sites that are close by and have quality content

Author: vijayanand