How Parents Link a Blog to Facebook for Toddlers

Facebook continues to be a major force in online traffic, rivaling Google for the title of top website in the world. Whether you use Facebook personally or not, chances are that many of your visitors do. Facebook offers many ways to link its website to yours with a host of free plugins.

Not only can this help you get new visitors, it makes it easier for visitors to interact on your blog, while freeing you from many of the administrative headaches that come with increasing popularity. All you need to start is a free Facebook account.


There is a reason why the New York Times is more well-known than any small town paper – 8.2 million potential readers live in New York City. The more people your blog is exposed to, the more potential readers you will have. In late 2012, Facebook surpassed 1 billion users. While your blog’s success ultimately depends on how interesting it is to people, linking to Facebook gives you the potential of tapping into a tsunami of online traffic.

Instant Sharing

Facebook buttons make it easy for people to share your blog posts with their friends on Facebook. Facebook offers two free buttons for sharing content. The “Like” button posts the blog post on the person’s Facebook Timeline for their friends to see, while the “Share” button lets them send a link to the blog post to a friend. To use these buttons, all you need to do is copy and paste the code into your blog. Anyone with a Facebook account can then share your latest post with a single click of the mouse.

Facebook Comments

Having visitors comment and interact on your blog is an important part of getting visitors to stick around. Unless you have a way for people to confirm their identities, managing comment spam can become a full-time job for a successful blog. Linking your blog to Facebook gives you access to Facebook Comments. This makes it easy for users with Facebook accounts to verify who they are, while keeping spam to a minimum.

Creating a Sense of Community

Facebook’s Facepile plugin is another small piece of code you can easily insert into your blog’s website. Facepile keeps track of everyone who has clicked the “Like” button on your blog. Then, when anyone else visits your blog, it displays a list of their friends, including their pictures, who have liked the page in the past. When a new visitor sees several of his friends have already endorsed your work, the chances are much greater he will want to check it out too.

Easy Registration

User registration is an important part of many blogs. For example, if you want to encourage others to post on your blog, they will need to register first. You can also use registration to limit access to private areas of your blog. Facebook Registration is another plugin that makes it easy for users to sign up for your website. Instead of entering their email addresses and filling out security CAPTCHA codes, they can simply click a single button and use their Facebook details instead.

Author: vijayanand