How Parents Buy Perfect Christmas Gift For Toddlers

You spent hours — no, days — agonizing about what to get that special toddler in your life last Christmas. She opened your gift and then spent the rest of the day playing in the box it came in while the present sat untouched. Not this year. Forget the gimmicky infomercial finds, boring outfits and tired holiday toys. Focus on a gift that will keep your little angel busy no matter the season and find the perfect Christmas gift for a 2-year-old girl.


She is ready to transition from babyish board books to big-girl books. Instill in her a love of reading that comes from easy access to different kinds of books. Buy some of your favorite childhood books, like classics such as Shel Siverstein’s “The Giving Tree” and some new releases such as Eileen Spinelli’s “Cold Snap.” Inscribe inside the cover of each book why you specifically chose it for her.

Art Station

Whether she is already in preschool or not, she is ready for beginner art projects. Buy her the staples so she can have her own little art studio right in the corner of her home. Fill a basket with non-toxic crayons, markers, finger paints, chalk, watercolors, paint brushes, coloring books and paper. Cut the sleeves off an adult-sized white button-down shirt and paint her name on the back to create a personalized artist smock. Add a child-sized easel and she’ll be ready to create on the spot.

Play Kitchen

Children enjoy emulating their parents in the kitchen. Surprise her with a pint-sized kitchen of her own. Include some play toys, pretend food and plastic tableware. Give her a shopping cart and a chef’s hat and she will surely open her own restaurant soon.

Gigantic Stuffed Animal

Kids undeniably love stuffed animals…and in their eyes, the bigger the better. Think of an unusual animal that she doesn’t already have such as a panda bear, a giraffe or a tiger. Tie a ribbon around the neck and watch her eyes get wide as she sees it; she won’t even care if there isn’t a gift bag big enough to conceal it.

Wheel Fun

Two-year-olds are notoriously on the go. Give her a gift with wheels that she will enjoy for years to come. A classic, sturdy red wagon never goes out of style; tots enjoy pulling wagons as much as they love riding in them. Or choose a lightweight, foldable wagon that can be kept in the car for trips to the farmer’s market, parks, picnics and sporting events. Tie a bow around a shiny pink tricycle with her name on the license plate and streamers on the handles for pizzazz. Or pick a ride-on toy that goes with her personality such as an ice cream truck, a red sports car, an inchworm or a tractor.

Author: vijayanand