How Facebook Marketing Help for Toddlers School Activity

A social network with over a billion users in 2013 according to the company’s own data, Facebook is both a popular social utility and a powerful marketing platform. Allowing businesses to set up company pages, publicize their posts and even create dedicated advertising campaigns to reach potential customers, Facebook presents a number of advantages for marketers.

Especially in the case of cause marketing campaigns that link companies with non-profits, Facebook’s easy network connections make integrated marketing easy and powerful.

Reach and Social Promotion

One of the great advantages of Facebook marketing is the vast reach of its social network, allowing company pages to build large bases of followers to which to distribute content. Because content appears not only to followers but also to their contacts when they interact with posts, Facebook allows company pages to build support through social influence. This creates a strong personal appeal to new followers who see content in which their friends have already expressed interest.


For paid advertising campaigns, Facebook offers comprehensive metrics packages to track the performance of your marketing. Including data like the number of clicks and actions taken in response to your content or the percentage of your audience your material is reaching, this data allows you not only to asses the success of your marketing material but also to experiment with changes in your marketing copy and strategy to see the effects on performance and optimize your material over time.

Cause Marketing Benefits

In the area of cause marketing — where companies and non-profits collaborate on a single message — Facebook’s social functionality allows for easy connections between related materials and accounts. Both company and non-profit pages can promote cause marketing materials to their respective followers and the two can come together over groups and events.

Facebook makes it easy for multiple accounts to co-administrate pages, groups and events, allowing for better control over collaborative content and multiple accounts with access to marketing metrics and ad editing features.


While Facebook’s vast network is an advantage in terms of reach, it can also be a disadvantage if marketing materials are diluted by being displayed to those who won’t be interested. For paid advertising campaigns, Facebook provides targeting options based on the information account holders provide about themselves on the site.

Helping you select relevant demographic characteristics for your campaign — such as age, gender, location and education level — Facebook helps you make sure your ads only appear to those who are more likely to be interested, increasing the return-on-investment of your ad spending.

Author: vijayanand