How Do You Know the specifics of Verizon’s Upgrade Policy

Verizon Wireless has an upgrade program that allows customers who sign contracts to get a new phone every 20 months for a discounted price. That discount can sometimes get you a new Verizon phone for free. You might also consider changing phones if someone you know upgrades his phone. You could start using his old phone if it is a newer model or in better condition than yours. If you switch phones, you might wonder if that will void the upgrade for which you would otherwise be eligible.Effect on Upgrades

Changing phones in the middle of your contract will not void your upgrade status. You can switch your Verizon mobile phone number to a different phone at any time without jeopardizing your chance to get a free or discounted newer phone when you are normally eligible for the upgrade.Switching Phones

If you want to switch your phone number to a different phone you only need to dial *228 and press “Send.” At the first prompt, select option 1 and follow the steps from there. Verizon will only allow you to switch to a phone that is supported by Verizon and was previously used by another Verizon customer.Upgrade Policy Basics

Even if you switch phones during the course of a contract you will still be eligible for an upgrade at your scheduled time. Verizon offers the upgrade to customers who sign a two-year contract, giving those subscribers a discount on the phones that Verizon sells and supports. The discount varies depending on what particular device you want to upgrade to, but it can mean a new technologically up-to-date phone for free or for only a fraction of what it would cost retail with no contract. The deep discount on mobile devices is an incentive for Verizon customers to renew their contracts every two years. There is a $175 to $350 early-termination fee if you sign a contract to get the discounted device and then cancel your contract before it expires.Determining Upgrade Eligibility

Verizon provides several options for customers to know when they are eligible for a device upgrade. You can dial #874 and press “Send” to get a text message advising you of your upgrade status. You can also visit Verizon’s website and log in to your account. The home screen will show you all the devices on your account and which ones, if any, are eligible for an upgrade. As always, you can call the customer service center and speak with a representative who can tell you the specific date you can upgrade your phone

Author: vijayanand