How Can You Make Your Toddlers Are Comfortable

Your child is sitting on the couch wrapped up in a blanket with a runny nose, watery eyes and a constant cough. The only thing you want to do is take away her misery and help her feel better. While you can’t snap your fingers and instantly make her healthy, you can make her as comfortable as possible until she’s back to her normal jumping-off-the-couch self.

Push Rest

Insist that your child get as much rest as possible. Being sick is draining, and she needs to relax to allow her body to fight it as quickly as possible. Don’t let her play chase with her older brother because it’s more fun than sitting on the couch. Sleep is ideal, but if she can’t fall asleep there is nothing wrong with relaxing on the couch and watching another episode of her favorite cartoon or her favorite movie over and over while curled up under her favorite princess blanket.

Give Extra Attention

A sick child often needs and wants plenty of attention when he isn’t feeling well. Sometimes snuggling with him is the best way to make him comfortable. Keep your pajamas on, grab another blanket and hop on the couch with him to watch the latest episode of Mickey Mouse. He might not mind being rocked to sleep, even if he normally thinks sitting on Mom’s lap is for babies.

Administer Fluids

Fluids are always helpful when your child is sick because they keep him from getting dehydrated due to diarrhea and they keep his throat moist if it’s sore. Water is the best, but you might want to try juice if he isn’t drinking enough water to stay hydrated. Every little thing that you do can help him get back to his usual activities.

Treat the Symptoms

Treat your child’s symptoms to make him as comfortable as possible until the illness passes. If he’s got a cold, use a nasal aspirator to remove mucous, or if he has a fever because his body is fighting off infection, Tylenol or Motrin can bring it down. Always check with your doctor before giving your child anything over-the-counter, especially if the dosage for your child’s age and weight is not provided.

Author: vijayanand